The dining hall offers delicious vegetarian meals and a beautiful garden cafe  with wifi

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful environment for our retreat this weekend. As someone who values healthy eating, it was so important to me to have healthy food during my stay. Knowing that I could arrive each day to an abundance of delicious, nutritious food made the weekend an absolute delight. I left each meal feeling nourished and full. Everyone was incredibly friendly and accommodating. I simply cannot wait to return!!   With a grateful heart, Shelly Ohms 

Dorm 1 has 10 rooms with 2 beds and a loft, plus 2 rooms with 4 bunkbeds, and men's and women's bathrooms
The Meditation Pavilion is an open, light-filled space, and the spiritual center of Ananda Kanan
  • Ananda Kanan is one of the hidden gems of the Ozark Region. It has some of the best facilities of its kind in the state, offering a number of options for groups wanting to hold their event in a beautiful natural setting.
  • Our standard package for groups includes a dorm with 12 rooms and 28 beds, the meditation pavilion and the dining hall. In the dining hall upstairs are two conference rooms and a large meeting room/childrens play space.
  • Other buildings, like the second dorm , the conference hall and some cabins, may be used for an additional fee.
  • The grounds offer hiking trails, a swimming pond, a sports field with basketball and volleyball, enclosed children's playground, and lots of peace and quiet.
  • What makes Ananda Kanan unique is that is has been used continuously for yoga and meditation retreats for over 30 years, creating an ideal environment for personal growth.